The one that got away

Wood nymph, sleeping like a log.

Jay at feeding station

Butterfly on buddlea

Singing kettle

Bee into foxglove



Black swans and Canada geese on round pound

Hiding in the Gunnera

Relaxing by the pond

swimming frog

Tanglewood Wild Garden

 Please look on info  and contact pages for all fees,  directions, phone numbers etc.

Please bring exact money as no change available, thank you

Cornwall's No 1 Picnic Garden

 0pen daily from  25th March 2016 (Good Friday) to the 31st October. 10am until 8pm.

        TAKE only pictures. LEAVE only footprints. KILL only time.

Please look on CONTACT page for map and location details.


Why should I visit Tanglewood?

Come and recharge your batteries  you can run, walk or just sit and enjoy the tranquillity and peacefulness.

We hope you will enjoy  our wild garden (wilden), we have tried to keep the garden natural with sympathetic planting of native trees and plants mixed with some exotics.

 Tanglewood is probably not for those that appreciate the more formal, manicured style of garden.

50/50 habitat

Tanglewood is a place shared equally by humans and wildlife which is why brambles, nettles and thistles etc are not looked on as weeds, but essential habitat and food source for birds, animals,and insects. The grass areas where mowed are left at a 4inch height to provide cover and protection for insects, and in the spring the abundance of baby frogs and toads. The four ponds and bog area provide a haven for wildfowl, aquatic insects and amphibians.

Tanglewood is quiet and secluded and is an enjoyable experience, beginning with a walk through mature woodland, then stepping out into the garden and pond area.

It is a place to visit at different times of the year to experience the seasonal changes.

You will not find

We have no catering facilities as we do not wish to over commercialise Tanglewood, but you are very welcome to bring your own picnics. We also do not have litter bins and expect anything you bring will be taken away. We do have a compost toilet on site.